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26 Aug, 2016 :: Douala, Cameroon

Cameroonian boys who used to live on the streets have had their new home renovated, thanks to a team from Logos Hope.

The St Nicodeme home, on the outskirts of Douala, looks after 30 boys who come from difficult family backgrounds or have no one to care for them. They stay for two years, are taught how to farm and fish, and have school lessons three days a week.  A patch of agricultural land sustains the household, with the students and staff eating what their crops and animals produce.

A group of eight young men from the ship’s crew stayed with the boys for a week, working on their complex and being positive role models for them. They were joined for a day by an all-female team, which added further homely touches to the redecoration.

“We didn’t just want to meet their immediate needs. This was a way of going a step further, to make their environment even nicer”, explains Daniela Cala Lara (Colombia).

The kids’ initial enthusiasm to help with a mural in their reading room had to be curbed, by persuading them not to draw all over the freshly-painted walls! One boy became a model, with the artistic ladies creating his image in front of an open book and an array of possibilities streaming out from the pages.

“As we painted, the boys would come in and cheer us on, saying it was looking ‘très jolie’- very nice,” smiles Daniela Cala Lara. “Their teacher was so grateful. Logos Hope has given them 200 books, restored light to the library, fixed their chairs - it’s like a whole new little world in there.”

The ship also donated items to help the home’s work: from clothes to footballs, a pair of 'Shoes That Grow' for every boy, a Bible each; plus bedding, mosquito nets, hygiene kits and water purifiers.

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