Keeping up with the plan

25 November 2014

Singapore :: With all of the new machinery now on board, installation work continues while access holes are being closed.

Warming to the task

18 November 2014

Singapore :: Good working relationships are a great help as the project continues, with most new items of machinery and equipment already on board Logos Hope.

From old to new

10 November 2014

Singapore :: As removal of old equipment continues on Logos Hope, the focus is moving to preparing for the installation of new systems and machinery.

Ahead of schedule

04 November 2014

Singapore : With work continuing seven days a week, dismantling and removing old machinery and equipment from Logos Hope is moving forward quickly.

Off to a great start

21 October 2014

Singapore :: With Logos Hope moving first to the shipyard, and then into dry dock, the Power Up project is already well underway.

Not for the numbers

12 May 2014

Nagasaki, Japan :: Crewmembers serve with a local group of volunteers who provide food for the few homeless in Nagasaki.

Joy in their hearts

19 November 2013

Abu Dhabi, UAE :: Marlene Park (South Africa) brings a smile to Nora at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City during a visit.

Ready for opening

30 July 2013

Kuching, Malaysia :: Crewmembers help prepare a library for its opening and connect with kids there.

Absorbing cultures

01 January 2013

Hong Kong, Hong Kong :: Visitors discover more about the ship and about countries represented by crewmembers in an on board event.

Electric Power

24 April 2012

Subic Bay, Philippines :: Electricians build new panels during the dry dock period.